Steve Hensley, Dean of Students

Matt Hayes, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Dr. Karen Kirtley, Senior VP for Operations

Ms. Tiffany Tatum, Executive Director of the HAFB

Kevin Madson, Retail Manager for Sodexo

Dr. Brian Hoey, Prof. of Sociology & Anthropology

E. J. Hassan, SGA President

Jordan Wooldridge, SGA Chief of Staff

Phyllis Romine, Community Volunteer & Leader


The MU Food Pantry is dedicated to providing sustenance to any member of the Marshall University community by collecting and distributing food and grocery products, raising awareness of hunger on college campuses, and collaborating with others who seek to address this basic human need.

The Marshall University Food Pantry is located in the Student Center Basement – BW14 – and is currently open Tuesday/Friday 10 AM to 4 PM.