Spotection is a parking spot detection system that will help students find parking spaces in a quick and efficient manner by providing them with a graphical representation of the parking lot in question through a web application, which will highlight parking spots that are free. This type of system has been done before; however, there is no unified technique or algorithm for determining which sport are free and which spots are not, and those existing systems implement complex algorithms that would be difficult for anyone trying to build upon them to understand. Our plan is to design a simple algorithm to determine which parking spots are free and which ones are not to work with inexpensive hardware to create a simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective parking spot detection solution. To accomplish this task, we plan to process the images from a video feed of a webcam that is focused on the parking lot in question and use Open CV with C++ to process the images, followed by displaying the results in the web application for users.