Phonological Intervention

Professor Frank recently completed a study involving print referencing during storybook reading and phonological intervention. She used a single subject design with three pre-school aged children diagnosed with final singleton omission. Through non-evocative explicit strategies for facilitating print concept awareness in the context of repeated readings of a patterned storybook, the children all demonstrated suppression of the final singleton omission process in eight or fewer sessions. Each child also showed gains in print awareness skills by going from identifying an average of less than 5 out of 14 concepts of print at the beginning of the study to identifying an average of 8 concepts of print at the end of the study. This indicates that a print awareness activity could be included into phonological interventions.

 Frank, S. T., Stewart, S. R., and Gonzalez, L. S. “Using Print Referencing Strategies and Phonological Intervention During Storybook Reading.” Paper submitted for presentation at the 2010 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.