Susan Thomas Frank

Susan Thomas Frank

Susan Thomas Frank, M.A., CCC-S is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Disorders at Marshall University. Ms. Frank teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in childhood language development and language disorders. She also coordinates graduate students’ student teaching practicum experience. Her present research is in the area of child language development, literacy, and phonology. Currently Ms. Frank is pursuing her doctoral degree from University of Kentucky in Rehabilitation Sciences.

Her publications include:

Lesner, Sharon A., Frank, Susan T., Klingler, M. S., (2002). Assessment of the effectiveness of an adult audiologic rehabilitation program using a knowledge-based test and a measure of hearing aid satisfaction. Journal of Audiologic Rehabilitation, 26, 29-39.

Frank, S. T., Cook, M., Slater, L, (2002). Assessing use of managed care in graduate training programs. Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders, 30, 107-113.

Frank, S. T., Klingler, M. S. (2001). Managed care and clinical training: approaching an evolving    concern. Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders ,28 ,91-97.    

Frank, S. T., Helm, B., (Spring, 1998). Therapeutic language intervention with post-institutionalized children: a case study. HEARSAY, The Journal of the Ohio Speech and Hearing Association, 66-68.

Her most recent presentations include:

Gardner, G., & Frank, S. T. (2009, November). Exploring language and literacy skills of children with hearing impairment. Poster session presented at the annual convention of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. New Orleans, LA.

McComas, K.L., Thomas, L.B., Frank, S.T., McNealy,K.K., Reynolds, M.E., & Miller, B.A. (2009, November). Community of research practice: A story of cultural change. Seminar accepted  for presentation at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA.

 Reynolds, M. E., & Frank, S. T. (2007, November). Does melody help young children learn vocabulary more easily? Poster session presented at the annual convention of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Boston, MA.

Frank, S. T. & Dew, K. (2006, March). The early identification of children at risk for reading impairment: The use of rapid automatized naming and non-word repetition as useful and non-biased assessment techniques. Poster presented at the West Virginia Speech-Language Hearing Association, Charleston, West Virginia.

Frank, S.T. & Linville, J.B. (2006, March). Use of literature scripts with children in day care settings: A service learning approach to preventive intervention.Poster presentation at the West Virginia  Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Charleston, West Virginia.