…And the Spring Semester is officially underway!


Welcome back to CoRP for an exciting spring semester! And welcome to the official blog for CoRP! As CoRP is a group for research, this blog serves as a research project itself as it will digitally document the happenings and stories of this dynamic group. So this is probably a good time to introduce myself, right? I’m John Fredeking, a second year graduate student, and I will be the blogger this semester – I am excited to take you readers on CoRP’s journey of inquiry this semester.

We held our first meeting of the new semester on Friday, January 18. As always, we started off with a great breakfast that included pizelles (pressed Italian cookies); gluten, dairy, and nut free muffins [oh, my!]; and a variety of breakfast juices. Before breakfast was even over, it was apparent the room kept filling with people – seasoned members, new members, and students just coming to find out what CoRP is all about! It’s always a good feeling to make our circle of chairs even bigger to accommodate fellow researchers.  

Welcomed by professor Dr. Susan Thomas Frank (who just recently received her doctorate from UK! Yay!), we started off with a “round robin” of introductions. Each research “team” took turns introducing members and their projects/ideas – these teams are led by Dr. Karen McComas, Dr. Susan Thomas Frank, and Mrs. Beverly Miller. Exciting projects are happening this spring – some new, and some ongoing projects. Topics range from SLPs in schools, sports concussions, voice, literacy, and digital ethnography.  The meeting closed with a chatter of excitement as people left. Check back next week to find out happenings from our next meeting!