A discussion into Discourse

Good afternoon! Sorry for the delay in posting the blog again this week! So, I won’t waste any time in getting to the “good stuff”!

 Last week’s CoRP meeting was very interesting – the topic was discourse. Specifically, Katie McComas Maddy, Dr. McComas’s daughter, presented on her anticipated dissertation. Her presentation was entitled “Discourse Production of Individuals with Non-Aphasic Brain Injury”. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Kentucky (UK). In her previous studies she has looked at the discourse abilities of those with brain injury and studied their cohesion and global coherence. Both cohesion and global coherence are ways to measure how a person’s discourse, in this case a story they told, flows and makes sense. Ultimately, she is doing this study to see what can be best done clinically to help those individuals with brain injury, but who do not have aphasia. We are excited to see where her research journeys! 

 After Katie’s presentation, Katie Ward, a first year graduate student talked about her anticipated thesis. She too is interested in discourse, especially in the Appalachian culture. Her discussion with the group was somewhat of a “research road map” – she told us about where she is now and where she plans to go with these research ideas. She has been following the line of a researcher and his evolution of discourse studies.

 Dr. McComas’s team will be traveling to the discourse lab at UK in a few weeks to have a working day with Katie Maddy. Be looking for that update soon! And of course, check back in later this week for the blog about this Friday’s meeting.