Collaboration in the field of CSD – how two different topics can be relatable

Good day! Another great day at CoRP we had last Friday! Our topic today in CoRP was about collaboration. This is a topic that is growing in our field. And so we think it’s an important one to discuss.

 Second year graduate students, Kelsey Adams and Nicole Campbell are working on two different projects, but have a common theme of collaboration. Kelsey is studying paradoxical vocal fold movement (PVFM). This is a voice disorder when the vocal folds are closed when they should be opened. She is interested in the protocols that are used and the treatments utilized for this disorder across different disciplines, such as speech-language pathologists, ENTs, exercise physiologists, etc. Kelsey is planning to interview different professionals about their experience working with PVFM. She hopes to perhaps develop a protocol for diagnosis/assessment, as well. Her enthusiasm for the project and content is evident – she is fast approaching the time she will submit her proposal to receive IRB approval, so she can begin her study.

 Nicole is interested in sports-related traumatic brain injury. Again, like Kelsey, she is interested in the collaborative efforts in the treatment and assessment of this population. This is a population often times the SLP does not have the role they should, as it is in the scope of practice of an SLP to help treat brain injured individuals. Nicole is almost to the step of submitting her proposal for IRB approval, as well. While she and Kelsey are studying different topics, they both have the ability to help the health sciences field in the process of collaboration. Their efforts could help the field of communication sciences and disorders become more widely known and larger need for SLPs to be parts of teams where they are certainly welcome.

 As always, thanks for reading!

Also… On April 10, the College of Health Professions will be hosting a research day where all the different schools/ departments will be sharing research. The location is tentatively in the atrium of Drinko Library. Stay tuned for more information – the CD department will definitely be a part of this exciting event!