Do you have a disability or does the disability have you?

Hello – and happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a nice week – it sure has been busy; but Spring Break is right around the corner!

Today Dr. McComas’s group talked to us about the disability study. A team of 5 senior girls are working together on this study. The purpose of their presentation today was to tell us about where they are now and where they would like to go with the study. As always, at the end of their presentation, they opened the floor for questions and comments from CoRP members. Each team researcher presented on areas pertaining to disabilities they have studied through literature reviews. The five areas are as follows: historical; identity, labels, diagnoses; benefits; accessibility; and racism and ableism. Through these five areas of interest, they are looking to understand an individual with a disability and how they live their lives. I, personally, am really looking forward to seeing where this project goes, and what can be learned from this study. One of the most powerful themes that emerged this morning in the form of this question: “Do you have a disability or does the disability have you?” I leave you with that thought as you finish this week’s blog. We will keep you updated on where this project journeys!

Have a great weekend, everyone!