It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Good morning! It has been a while since I’ve posted. Since I wrote last, CoRP members have been pretty busy…

March 21 found our students at the West Virginia Speech and Hearing Association W(WVSHA) conference. Many of our CoRP members presented their research during the poster presentation session. As always, Marshall was represented well. From the debriefing we had the week after the conference, everyone seemed to have had a great experience and great responses to their posters! This brings up a point I’d love to share: The week before WVSHA we had a “working day” in CoRP. People were finalizing posters, working on ASHA proposals. It is on days like these that one sees the wonderful collaboration that happens in this group! Faculty and students seems to blend together into one – in this moment we are all researchers. What an awesome feeling to experience, and how great it is that the Marshall Communication Disorders Department affords it students this most valuable opportunity!

 As I write this, CoRP only has a few more meetings this semester – this is especially bittersweet for me as my journey with CoRP will soon come to an end. Check back in a few weeks for a reflection I plan to write on my 3 years in CoRP.

Check back later this week for news of tomorrow’s meeting!!