Getting back in the swing of things

Hey guys – Sonny Carpenter here. I’ll be assuming the responsibility of sharing information related to the numerous research studies and meetings of the Community of Research Practice (CoRP) for the 2013-2014 school year. I thought I’d first give everyone a bit of information about myself: I’m a native of Huntington, WV and received my bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders in May of 2013 from Marshall University. I’m a 1st year graduate student at Marshall – which is hard for me to believe at times; it’s been such a long road! This is my first semester of involvement with CoRP and I’m excited to see where it takes me.


Our first meeting began bright and early on August 30th, 2013. Following a delicious breakfast and some brief introductions, CoRP veterans gave brief overviews of their ongoing research studies. Research topics such as discourse, disability, paradoxical vocal fold movement, sports-related concussions, inter-professional collaboration, hemispherectomies, studies held during our undergraduate Capstone course, literature reviews, the CoRP study, a school study and traumatic brain injury note-taking methods. Several new members, including myself, attended the meeting; a few even volunteered (or were volunteered) to work on a particular research study.


On September 6th, we had yet another great breakfast consisting of muffins, fruit and juice. Our focus for the majority of the meeting turned to the upcoming ASHA Convention in Chicago. The convention begins on November 14th and continues until the 16th. That, unfortunately, means we will miss the beautiful display of Christmas decorations that line the streets of Chicago following Thanksgiving (Awwwww man!! Sorry, Dr. Frank!)

The ASHA Convention is a great way for research related to speech, language and hearing to be disseminated to a wide and diverse audience. Several CoRP members will not only be attending the convention but will also be presenting their research. A schedule of the 20 Marshall-related presentations that will occur over the course of the convention can be found here: ASHA 2013

Towards the end of our meeting, we elected undergraduate seniors Ryan Kerns and Abbey Quillen as our new President and Treasurer respectively. Congratulations to both of them!


On September 13th, we were treated to yogurt, fruits and cakes as well as a special guest speaker! Mrs. Michelle Woomer, a Research Management Specialist from the Office of Research Integrity, stopped by to give us a wealth of information regarding the Institutional Review Board. An understanding of the IRB is essential in our group because all research studies must be reviewed and approved by the board. Additionally, Mrs. Woomer gave us a brief description of several unethical studies that sparked important changes in research, such as the need for informed consent. For more information on the Office of Research Integrity, feel free to visit their website at

Ryan Kerns also read the anti-hazing policy to everyone present during today’s meeting. I can assure you that no buffoonery will be taking place in our future as a result!


So that’s all for now! We’ve had a busy month and the semester has only just begun! I’ll be updating the blog more frequently from here on out and I hope you check back often. Thanks for reading!