Inside the IRB (#2)

Hello! I am Karen McComas –  a guest blogger today as our usual blogger, Sonny, was unable to join us.

Our guest speaker today was Dr. Stephen Cooper, a professor in the Communication Studies department and the chair for the IRB Behavioral and Social Sciences (#2). Dr. Cooper explained that is a federal mandate that institutions receiving federal money have an Institution Review Board.  Dr. Cooper explained his role and what stands out to him as he reads applications. First, he said that he focuses on the abstract and is attempting to be certain that the research process would not cause inadvertent harm, or have potential sources of coercion.

Questions were asked about:

  1. Data Security: Password protected is a sign of security; consider encrypting data when possible
  2. Vulnerable Populations: This is somewhat unclear; feds are asking about people who might be in vulnerable positions as a result of the study, not in general.
  3. Technology Influence: Allows us to encrypt