Interprofessional Education

Hey again! I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, I have a pretty busy week ahead so I had to break my rule of “no work on the weekend” for the first time since I entered grad school. I figured I would get this blog out a day earlier than normal while I was at it!

On Friday, we engaged in an activity similar to the one we did to help Mrs. Miller and Kristin with their Capstone survey. This time, Ryan and Mrs. Holland introduced us to their study about Interprofessional Education (IPE). In recent years, the Department of Communication Disorders has been closely working with Marshall’s Med School and Schools of Pharmacy, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Dietetics and several others to create an interprofessional experience for the students. As a graduate student, I recently engaged in one of these activities in which I was assigned to a team with students of other medical professions to work through a case history and learn about other professions. It was not only a great chance to learn but a great chance to explain our scope of practice as (future) speech-language pathologists. 

Mrs. Holland and Ryan’s study revolves around these experiences, their benefits and whether or not other colleges across the country are doing similar activities. During CoRP, the two presented us with a draft of their survey.Questions ranged from whether or not the school or program engages in an interprofessional education activity, which disciplines are included and the faculty’s perceptions of the experience. After talking us through everything, we split into small groups and began to review the survey ourselves. Like last week, this was a successful experience and ultimately lead to a stronger survey. 


Graduate students in Marshall University’s Communication Disorders program will engage in two more IPE experiences in February. During these events, they will work together with students of several other medical professions to discuss their roles in mock treatment plans and how they can work together to provide the best possible service for the patient. As a graduate student, I will be attending these sessions. So far, they have been beneficial in showing me the importance of cross-profession collaboration and teaching me exactly what other professionals are responsible for. 

That’s all for this week though! Thanks, as always, for reading. Try to stay warm out there and be safe when traveling. Have a great week – and go Team USA in Sochi!