Constant Progress

I feel like I owe everyone an apology… This past weekend, I watched my baby niece so my sister and brother-in-law could attend a church retreat. We had a great time but I felt worn out when they returned Sunday evening too pick her up. In my exhaustion, I hoped for the winter storm – now known as “Titan” – to hit the Huntington area hard because I needed an extended weekend. The snow gods obliged and we were left with more snow than I’d anticipated! In all seriousness, I hope everyone stayed safe and warm out there. I was very appreciative to have a slightly longer weekend but I know a lot of people still had to try to go to work in some horrible road conditions.

 2014-02-28 09 34 36 The implicit theme of Friday’s CoRP meeting was one of progress. So often throughout the semester, we break into small  focus groups  to engage in peer review exercising – helping one another improve a survey or over direction. This Friday, we  saw some of the fruits of  that labor. Both Ryan and Natasha spoke about where they are in their current studies. A few  weeks back, CoRP looked at Ryan’s  survey – related to interprofessional education – and offered some tips, modifications  and guidance. This week, Ryan returned with a  more focused survey and direction. Natasha has reached the next step in    her study on 2nd and 3rd grade classroom discourse and is  observing the students and teachers in a classroom setting. That’s the great thing about our group in CoRP. While our studies may  stump us at times or we may lose motivation, there is always somebody around to offer guidance, suggestions and encouragement. It’s  a place for research to thrive and for students of research to learn. 

 That’s all for this week! Again, I apologize for singlehandedly causing a massive snowstorm and hope it didn’t impact you too much. At least the upcoming forecast isn’t as foreboding! Thanks for reading and stay safe/warm out there.