WVSHA – 2014 Convention

Wow, this weather is incredibly inconsistent lately! The fact that we can go from the worst snowstorm of the season to upper 60 degree weather in the span of a week both fascinates and frustrates me. I cannot recall a winter quite like this one. But anyways… hello again! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and was able to enjoy the brief reprieve from the bitter cold.

This past Friday in CoRP, we began planning and reviewing posters that are going to be present at the West Virginia Speech, Language and Hearing Association Annual Convention. Unlike the 2013 ASHA Convention, in which we had to travel a fairly long distance to Chicago, the WVSHA Convention is in our college town this year! In fact, it is being held at the Pullman Plaza hotel’s convention room. Several Marshall students and CoRP members, as well as students from WVU and other universities in West Virginia will be attending the convention and presenting posters of their studies. It’s a great place to showcase a developing study and get experience disseminating your findings on a smaller, less intimidating scale. 

 2014-03-07 09 14 40We spent the majority of our time in CoRP discussing the convention and engaging in another peer review experience. This time, we examined Abbey Quillen’s poster – which she plans to present at the convention. I believe the biggest benefit from these meetings comes from the various viewpoints and experience levels all coming together to provide the researcher with a multitude of opinions and suggestions related to their studies. Something that may have made sense to the writer, for example, may not be as clear to someone with less experience in research or the topic itself.

Overall, we have several CoRP members presenting posters or attending the WVSHA 2014 Convention. The convention is being held at the Pullman Plaza hotel from March 19th to March 21st. For more information, visit the WVSHA website. As always, thanks for reading and having an interest in our community! Stay warm out there and enjoy this nicer weather while it lasts!