The Mid-Semester Lull and Looking to the Future

Well, this seems oddly familiar. Oh, I remember now! I vanished there for a bit last semester too, didn’t I? I wish I had an awesome “mega-blog” to return with this time like I did back in November. Sadly, I have no pictures of Chicago or any other fun trip to share with you all. But worry not! Exciting things are still happening in our Community of Research Practice!

This past Friday, our group met to discuss the many different studies that are being prepped for the upcoming ASHA Convention in Orlando in November! While that may seem very premature, proposals are due tomorrow – April 8th, 2014. As is human nature, many of us have waited til the last minute to finalize (or begin) these proposals. Our meeting was extremely beneficial in focusing our proposals and meticulously editing them to near-perfection. Many research teams, like the disabilities group, will be returning for their second convention to share what they’ve found in the last year. Others, such as myself, are hoping to disseminate research findings for the very first time. In fact, Dr. McComas and myself hadn’t thought about the convention before Friday’s meeting. Needless to say, it’s been a sudden but exciting development for me as a young researcher!

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching but we still have a few more CoRP meetings before then. I look forward to sharing our experiences and discussions with you over the next few weeks. Thanks, as always, for reading and taking an interest in our group! Enjoy this nice, albeit rainy, weather!