Summer is finally here, everybody! As a graduate student who must take summer classes, that doesn’t mean much but even a couple of weeks off will be very well-received. I felt that, before the relaxation officially began, I needed to write this blog to sum up last week’s meeting and provide some information related to the future of CoRP.

This past week, Natasha presented her most recent findings and work on the Discourse study. As you may recall, Natasha has been observing the classrooms of four local teachers (two 2nd grade and two 3rd grade teachers). While observing, Natasha has been taking diligent notes on every form of discourse (e.g. how the teacher manages time; how students ask questions). Natasha has compiled these notes into different forms of discourse and has made tremendous progress since we last heard from her in CoRP! These findings could be extremely relevant to any educator and should spark some self-reflection into how educators relay information to their students.

So what’s next for CoRP? After a much needed summer break, we will truly hit the ground running in September! With an incoming class of first-year graduates and a multitude of research opportunities, I believe big things will come from our hard work next semester. In the meantime, look for posts throughout summer regarding our different ongoing studies. It is my goal to have a brief abstract of each study up before next semester!

Thanks for sticking around for another semester and taking an interest in our group! Several of our students – myself included – will be flying to Jamaica on Sunday to provide our services at local areas. Please keep us in your thoughts and hope for safety! I hope you all have a great summer and get some much needed vacation. I’ll see you all again in the fall!