WVSHA and the Minds of Marshall

It’s been a busy week for the members of CORP…

WVSHA 2010

Four of our groups presented at WVSHA’s first technical session on Thursday, in Charleston…

Jenna (WVSHA 2010, Technical Session)
  • Does a Systematic Program of Vocal Exercise (Vocal Function Exercises) Enhance the Voice of Men Over the Age of 65? (Sarah Mease, Taylor Carey, Caroline Banks, Beverly Miller, and Lisa Fry)
  • How Graduate Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders Experience the Curriculum (Jenna Rollins and Karen McComas)
  • Communities of Practice:  A Model for Enhancing Student and Faculty Research (Caroline Banks, Gabrielle Gardner, Nikki Fraley, Karen L. McComas, Lisa Fry)
  • An Exploration of Parental Understanding in the Development of Their Child’s Literacy (Sarah Clemins and Karen McComas)

Then, we also had participation in the poster session Friday afternoon.  Posters included:

Dr. McNealy, Brittany, Rachel, Jessie (WVSHA 2010, Poster Session)
  • Icon Transparency:  Is It Really Universal? (Bethany Phillips, Shanon Smith, and Kelly Harlow)
  • Exploring the Role of Speech-Language Pathologists in Adult Literacy:  Proposal for Phenomenological Inquiry (Sarah M. Clemins and Susan Thomas Frank)
  • Utilization of Dr. Bruce Crosson’s Intention Treatment in a Case Study for Nonfluent Aphasia (Allision Cook and Jennifer Horne)
  • Hearing Conservation in Children (Brittany Cook, Rachel Lawson, Jessica McKee, and Karen McNealy)

Slideshow of all WVSHA 2010 pictures.

Minds of Marshall 2010

Minds of Marshall 2010
Minds of Marshall 2010

Back at Marshall, other CORP members worked a Research Exposition for our department during the first annual “Minds of Marshall” Academic Festival, showcasing some of our previous projects… we even had a few visitors!