Karen McComas

Karen McComas
Dr. Karen McComas

Karen McComas, Ed. D., CCC-S/A,  is an associate professor of Communication Disorders at Marshall University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of fluency, phonology, and professional literacies for Speech-Language Pathologists. Additionally, Dr. McComas supervises graduate clinicians at Marshall University’s Speech and Hearing Clinic. She recently completed her dissertation, a qualitative study exploring how women in CSD become researchers.

Recent Publications

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Recent Presentations

McComas, K.L., Thomas, L.B., Frank, S.T., McNealy,K.K., Reynolds, M.E., & Miller, B.A. (2009, November). Community of Research Practice: A Story of Cultural Change. Seminar accepted for presentation at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA.

McComas, K.  (2008, March).  Developing student support groups. Panel presentation, with Rachel Alley and David Lawson, at the Spring 2008 Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminar in South Charleston, WV.

Spatig, L., McComas, K., & Wasinger, T. (2008, March).  Qualitative research. Presentation at the Spring 2008 Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminar in South Charleston, WV.

McComas, K., Gooding, A., Mitchell, K., & Goodman, A. (2008, August).  Responding to scholarly writing in faculty writing groups.  Presentation at the annual orientation meeting for the Faculty Writing Groups at Marshall University, Huntington, WV.

McComas, K., Bellino, J., & Cantrill, C.  (2008, November).  Reading the research:  Media education and literacy in the 21st century. Presentation at the annual meeting of the National Writing Project in San Antonio, TX.


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Project Director:  [$50,000 – 2004; $50,000 – 2006; $20,000 – 2007] Digital Literacy Initiative (National Writing Project, Berkeley, CA:  2004-2007).

Director:  [$10,000.00 award; 2001-2003] Technology Liaison Initiative (National Writing Project, Berkeley, CA.: 2001-2003).

Project Director:  [$5000.00 second year award] Marshall University Writing Project Technology Liaison Mini-Grant (National Writing Project, Berkeley, CA:  2002).

Project Director: [$3000.00] Marshall University Writing Project – Teacher Inquiry Community Network (National Writing Project, Berkeley, CA: 1999-2000).

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