CORP Meeting: October 8, 2010

As Marshall University approaches mid-term week, today’s meeting stopped to reflect and check on members who began the semester without a project in place to check on progress – and progress we’ve made!

We’ll start with the seniors, who are currently enrolled in their Capstone course, in which they complete a qualitative research project…

  • McKenzie is in the midst of a literature review regarding service learning, with the thought in mind of ‘ideas of service as they relate to the SLP’.
  • Bailey’s interest is in women with children in higher education – looking at the extrinsic and intrinsic motivators of these women who decide to embark on a college education while raising children. We all then talked and marveled at the high numbers of married first-year students and how the times have changed since communication sciences and disorders required a Master’s degree as entry-level.
  • John’s focus is on male SLPs and their professional experiences; he is also searching the literature, focusing on recruitment in the field. (His topic led into a very interesting and insightful discussion about men in the field and the possibility of female dominance.)

Many of our first-year graduate students have finished their initial projects and began this year looking for a new area of research. Taylor was the first to speak during the meeting; her enthusiasm about the field and its many opportunities for learning brightened the morning. She’s leaning toward the idea of the development of professional identities (Note – her title has a colon, so it’s on its way!), with the idea of job shadowing clinicians in many different settings and seeing how those settings contribute to who they are as a professional. This work may lead her in the direction of a thesis!

Betsy’s new to CORP (and to Marshall), but she arrived ready and with challenging ideas. Her interest lies in autobiographical memories, with a theory that they way memories evolve is parallel to language development.  She is currently reading through the available research.

Sarah M. and Alli are now working on a project on mainstreaming of children with hearing impairment, conducting interviews with parents, teachers, coaches – and maybe even the children – to see how a group of children who began in an auditory-oral preschool are now adapting to a mainstream school environment.

Nikki Fraley
Nikki Fraley
The running joke we have in CORP is that of the lowly job of transcribers. With the increasing amount of qualitative research that is being conducted, the need for transcribers to stick through whole projects is also increasing. Nikki talked about her experience transcribing for Dr. McComas… “Before, I hated it… in the middle of it, it became therapeutic.” Others noted that it was probably a good thing to have someone who is indirectly involved in the study to do this work – it provides a sounding board, a clean slate on which to test your theories!

Today’s meeting was sponsored by Starbucks!
(just kidding, but their pastries were delicious)