CORP Meetings: November 5 & 12, 2010

5 November: Bethany, Shannon and Natalie gave the group a dry run of their poster presentation for ASHA, which focused on iconicity of 10 abstract and 10 concrete objects. We learned that this is the first of a multi-part project that will include testing these concepts on typically developing children, then doing a comparative analysis between the two data sets.

12 November: John shared a portion of his CD 315 project, Recruitment of Males in Allied Health Professions and CD. His interest in this stems from desiring an increased awareness of this topic as well as his personal experiences and concerns with the lack of practicing male speech-language pathologists. Bailey also shared her qualitative project, Motivations of Student Mothers Returning to School; her interest in feminist and gender studies brought her to this topic. Lots of questions and comments arose among group members considering how these participants strongly identified as parents and how that did not separate from their student identities.

Both John and Baily conduced two interviews and coded their data for themes.