CORP Meeting: March 4, 2011

Friday, March 4

Students working under the guidance of Karen McNealy presented their progress on three projects…

–          Abbi Stewart and Emily Williams conducted a follow-up to the “Listen for Life” program initiated by Brittany Cook, Jessie McKee, and Shannon Nease. For their year two study, they implemented their hearing conservation program in a public school and conducted a pre-test post-test measure of the content. Abbi and Emily found there was a near-ceiling effect with these children and their scores, and the group helped them discuss modifications for future directions of the hearing conservation program.

–          Molly Roush assisted in a program evaluation of the Luke Lee Listening Learning Language Lab by sending out questionnaires to teachers and parents of graduates of the “L” who are now mainstreamed in elementary school in order to answer the question “How are these children integrating in the academic environment” with quantitative data. Next steps may involve answering that question with detailed interview prompts.

–          Emily Shamblin continues her work with behavioral play audiometry by fine-tuning her questionnaire for audiologists to be distributed at WVSHA. Her goal is to observe and discover the ages at which children are conditioned for behavioral play audiometry.