CORP Meeting: April 8, 2011

CORP did not meet on March 25 as the University was closed for Spring Break. We also did not meet on April 1 as students and faculty attended and presented at the annual meeting of the West Virginia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (WVSHA) in Flatwoods, WV.

Meetings resumed this morning, providing a time for debriefing and reflection on the experience of presenting at the state level. For most of those who attended WVSHA, it was their first time disseminating work to people other than those in CORP. Some of the comments included the praise of professionalism, both in terms of posters and dress; the variety of content that MU presentations brought to the convention; and the opportunity to interact with professionals and make future contacts. Everyone in attendance agreed the venue for the poster session was too small!

Members of MUCD CORP presented 10 posters in Flatwoods, showing a growing presence of research at the state level! Congratulations to all who were willing and able to participate!

After discussing regarding the Minds of Marshall Academic Festival which will occur later this month (date to be determined), students Danielle Thorne  & Allison Cook and faculty mentor Bev Miller shared their work, “Team Collaboration in the Provision of Intensive Voice Therapy”, which focused on the collaboration of graduate students – as opposed to practicing clinicians – with a service provision design of 2-3 clinicians in 30-minute time segments totaling two hours. This intensive “voice boot camp” was piloted with one patient with aphonia in our clinic; the presenters shared that this patient was discharged after three 2-hour therapy sessions, no longer aphonic! Implications for clinical development were discussed.