CORP Meeting: April 15, 2011

This morning, we had the excitement of two presentations in our 50-minute time slot!

Natalie Stover and Kelly Harlow began the meeting by updating the group on the progress of “A Study of Symbol Selection for Adults”, which is the first portion of a comparative study which will soon look at symbol selection in children. Natalie shared with us the IRB protocol and how it changes with the inclusion of children into a study, including questions of consent and protocol.

Susan Thomas Frank and her research staff, consisting of Catherine Counts, Bailey Reynolds, and Gabrielle Gardner, closed the meeting by presenting “Low Stakes Introduction to Research: Issues in Fidelity to Treatment”. This allowed Ms. Frank the opportunity to introduce her dissertation to the entire group. Where Catherine and Bailey are undergraduate seniors, the “low stakes” level of involvement is ideal – they shared being able to learn the jargon, process, and culture of research without the commitment of developing their own study. The research staff will be implementing the treatment protocol of Ms. Frank’s study and must maintain fidelity among the three members by conducting weekly point-by-point checks to ensure they are keeping to the agreed-upon protocol for the study.