BSC 227 - Human Anatomy
Principles of gross and microscopic anatomy of human body systems and their development. Provides preparation for degrees in health professions. Does not count towards a major in Biological Science. 3 lec-2 lab (ACT composite 19 or higher or 12 hrs. college credit, 100 level or above with minimum GPA of 2.3)
4 hours
BSC 250 - Microbiol and Human Disease
Introduction to microbiology with emphasis on the role of microorganisms in the disease process.
4 hours
BSC 320 - Principles of Ecology
A fundamental approach to the basic principles underlying the interrelationships of organisms with their biotic and abiotic environments. A variety of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems will be studied in the field and in the laboratory. 3 lec-3 lab.
4 hours
BSC 324 - Principles of Genetics
The fundamental principles and mechanisms of inheritance. 3 lec-4 lab.
4 hours
BSC 480 - SpTp: Addiction Syndrome
3 hours
BSC 679 - Problem Rpt: Herbarium Study
Preparation and completion of a written report from experimental or field research in biological sciences. (PR: permission)
4 hours
BSC 716 - Cellular Physiology
Study of structure amd function of human cells, including protein synthesis, metabolism and reproduction. Study of genetic disorders and anesthesia. Study of anti-cancer drugs. Analyze types and rules of various cell membrane receptors on anesthesia process.
2 hours