Physical Science (MS; thesis or non-thesis)

The Department of Physics and Physical Science offers a Masters of Science degree in Physical Science in cooperation with the Departments of Chemistry, Geology, Integrated Science and Technology, and Mathematics, is intended to provide the opportunity for students with diverse qualifications to improve the depth and breadth of their knowledge in the Physical Sciences. The degree offered is a M.S. in Physical Science, with an Area of Emphasis in one of the following: Chemistry, Geobiophysical Modeling, Geology, Mathematics, Physics.

The area of emphasis in Geobiophysical Modeling is interdisciplinary, with core courses in Remote Sensing and GIS Modeling. Thereafter, students may chose from areas of concentration in Aquatic, Terrestrial or Biophysical Systems and Models.

Programs will be designed to meet individual needs. Students must consult with their advisor for specific requirements. The writing of a thesis is required in the Geology area of emphasis (see section on geology), but is optional in the other areas. If the thesis option is chosen, a minimum of 32 hours is required, including not more than 6 hours for the thesis. Without the thesis, 36 hours are required.

NOTE: These are general guidelines. Individual departments may have their own requirements.

Minimum requirements:


Area of Emphasis (Chemistry, Geobiophysical Modeling, Geology, Mathematics, Physics) 12-18
Minor area (Chemistry, Geobiophysical Modeling, Geology, Mathematics, Physics ) 6
Electives 12-18

The Department of Physics and Physical Science also offers minor fields in physical science and in physics.

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