Office of Student Services Advising Evaluation

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Questions Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Applicable
1. The advisor greeted me friendly and allowed me to feel at ease.  
2. The advisor discussed course selections and provided additional course options based on my major/career goals and took into account work or personal commitments  
3. The advisor showed and/or provided tools I can use for registration and evaluating my academic progress. Tools such as the schedule of courses, DegreeWorks, and registration instructions.  
4. The advisor showed concern about my academic progress.  
5. The advisor allowed me to discuss academic-related goals and/or problems.  
6. The advisor was knowledgeable about the requirements for my major.  
7. The advisor had the necessary forms needed for this advising session (change of major form, academic improvement plans, add/drop forms, D and F Repeat forms, etc.)  
8. The advisor attempted to contact other departments on my behalf and followed up with me.  
9. My questions were answered effectively and/or I was referred to the appropriate office or person.  
10. Overall, I am pleased with the assistance I received from the advisor.



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