Academic Forgiveness

The academic forgiveness policy allows forgiveness of D and F grades for purposes of calculating the Grade Point Average (GPA) required for graduation. Grades disregarded for GPA computation remain on the student's permanent record.

This policy is designed to help students who left college with low grades. It will be implemented, provided certain conditions are satisfied, where the D and F repeat rule is not applicable:

  • The student must not have been enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis for more than 12 credit hours at any higher education institution for a period of five consecutive calendar years prior to the request for academic forgiveness.;
  • only D and F grades received prior to the five year, non enrollment period can be disregarded for GPA calculation;
  • in order to receive a degree or certificate, the student must complete at least 24 additional credit hours through actual coursework from Marshall University after the non enrollment period, earn at least a 2.0 GPA on all work attempted after the non enrollment period and satisfy all degree or certificate requirements.

This policy applies only to the calculation of the GPA required for graduation and does not apply to GPA calculation for special academic recognition (such as graduating with honors) or to requirements for professional certification which may be within the province of
licensure boards, external agencies, or the West Virginia Board of Education.

Applying for Academic Forgiveness

A College of Science student may apply for academic forgiveness by submitting to the College of Science's Associate Dean an application for "Academic Forgiveness" (pdf) or available in the College of Science's Dean's office. The Associate Dean can accept, modify, or reject the application and will provide a justification.

Students who do not normally qualify for readmission because of a low GPA will, if their request for forgiveness is approved, be readmitted and placed on academic probation. The decision of forgiveness must be made again whenever the student changes programs, departments, colleges, or institutions.

Students should be aware that this policy is not necessarily recognized by other institutions of higher education outside the state of West Virginia.

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