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We're here to help your child achieve his/her educational goals. The Office of Student Services promotes undergraduate students' collegiate and personal growth.

We're here to help your son/daughter achieve their educational goals. The Office of Student Services promotes undergraduate students' collegiate and personal growth by providing an understanding of

  • the academic programs offered by the College of Science,
  • course offerings,
  • tips for achieving academic success so students remain on track for graduation,
  • the College of Science's and Marshall University's policies and procedures,
  • resources available at Marshall University to students, and
  • career opportunities.

Academic Advisors assist students in:

  • developing course schedules which consider the student's academic and career goals,
  • understanding the academic requirements the College of Sciences and Marshall University,
  • understanding Marshall University's policies and procedures ,
  • establishing academic and career goals, and
  • finding resources to help students with academic or personal difficulties.

In addition to academic advisors, you son or daughter will be assigned a Faculty Advisor who will assist the student with career directions.

Student responsibilities are to

  • accept full ownership for his/her decisions and actions;
  • prepare for advising sessions and bring appropriate resources or materials;
  • follow through on actions identified during each advising session;
  • become knowledgeable of and adhere to institutional policies, procedures, and requirements; and
  • evaluate the advising system, when requested, in order to strengthen the advising process.

Parents can assist their child by

  • assisting your young adult in discovering his/her strengths and weaknesses;
  • encouraging him/her to establish strong relationships with Academic Advisors and faculty;
  • maintaining open communication about grades and academic progress;
  • supporting your young adult efforts to be academically successful
  • celebrating your young adult victories; and
  • encouraging him or her to seek out help when difficulties arise.
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