The following courses are offered in Chemistry during Intersession 2018, Summer I 2018, Summer II 2018, and Summer III 2018. View all courses offered over the past 5 years.

  • CHM 111 - Foundations of Chemistry
    This course will introduce students to basic chemical facts and concepts. Topics will include units, dimensional analysis, nomenclature, solutions, atomic structure, and stoichiometry.
  • CHM 204 - General Chemistry II
    A continuation of chemistry 203 with emphasis on intro- ductory organic and biochemistry. 3 lec.
  • CHM 205 - General, Organic, and Biochem
    Introductory course for health professions students and non-science majors covering basic chemical principles with applications in organic chemistry and biochemistry.
  • CHM 211 - Principles of Chemistry I
    A study of the properties of materials and their inter- actions with each other. Development of theories and applications of the principles of energetics, dynamics and structure. Intended primarily for science majors and pre-professional students. 3 lec.
  • CHM 212 - Principles Chemistry II
    A continuation of chemistry 211 with emphasis on the inorganic chemistry of the representative elements and transition metals. 3 lec.
  • CHM 217 - Principles of Chem Lab I
    A laboratory course that demonstrates the application of concepts introduced in Chemistry 2ll. (CR or PR: CHM 2ll)
  • CHM 218 - Principles of Chem Lab II
    A laboratory course that demonstrates the application of concepts introduced in Chemistry 2l2. (CR or PR: CHM 2l2).
  • CHM 355 - Organic Chemistry I
    A systematic study of organic chemistry including modern structural theory, spectroscopy, and stereochemistry; app- lication of these topics to the study of reactions and their mechanisms and applications to synthesis. 3 lec.
  • CHM 356 - Organic Chemistry II
    Continuation of Chemistry 355. 3 lec.
  • CHM 361 - Intro Organic Chm Lab
    An introduction to of experimental organic chemistry with emphasis on fundamental techniques and their application to the preparation and identification of organic compounds. 6 lab.
  • CHM 401 - Research for Undergrad
    Students engage in research project in collaboration with a faculty member.
  • CHM 448 - Adv Inorganic Chemistry I
    Study of physical properties and periodic relationships of inorganic materials. 3 lec, 2 lab (PR: CHM 356, CHM 307 or 357)


* This course listing is not authoritative. It provides an example of courses offered; actual course offerings may vary. Course information, including prerequisites and co-requisites, may be incomplete or missing. Students should refer to their catalog, their academic advisor(s), and/or the COS Office of Student Services for current course information.