Professional Staff
(in alphabetical order)


Tiffany Bowes, Counselor


Morgan Conley, Counselor
(304) 696-7181


Tracy Eubank, Program Assistant
(304) 696-3111


Carla Lapelle, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
(304) 696-2269


Tenikka Phillips, Counselor


Sherri Steele, Counselor
(304) 696-3315


Kim White, Counselor
(304) 696-6115


For an appointment please call 696-3111 or come to the south lobby of Prichard Hall. 


Psychiatric support is provided by University Physicians and Surgeons’ Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine and is supplemented, under supervision, by the College of Health Professions.  To get more information, please call the Counseling Center at (304) 696-3111