Dr. Rachel Jennings
Fall 2002 Rockefeller-Scholar-in-Residence

Farmworkers, Coalminers and Davy Crockett: Chicano/as and Appalachians in Popular Culture

Dr. Rachel A. Jennings explores the troubled legacy of ambivalence, distrust, and desire between white Appalachians and Mexican Americans.  In particular, she studies how popular culture, including Western films, advertising, and comic strips, contributed to this legacy. Dr. Jennings earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas at Austin.  She has taught at several universities and was selected as the James A. Michener Publishing Fellow at The University of Texas Press in 2001-2002.  She has published articles, book reviews, and poetry in the fields of Chicano/a, Appalachian, and Irish studies.  A book of poetry, Eulogy for Davy Crockett and Other Poems, is available from LaNana Creek Press.

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