Memphis Garrison Biography Memphis Tennessee Garrison was born in 1890 in Hollins, Virginia, but she grew up in the coal fields of McDowell County with her family. When she was a child her father died in a railroad accident, therefore, she and her brother were raised by their mother. Mrs. Garrison received her strength from the strength she saw in her mother.

During her life, her race was a prevalent part of her battle against the community. She received much discrimination due to her race; however, she did not let this destroy her will or her hope for the next generations. She aspired to do many great things for her people in West Virginia. She attended Bluefield State College, West Virginia State College, and Ohio University to obtain her undergraduate degree to become a teacher.

Through her career she touched the lives of many. She was also very active in her community. The dedication she had towards her community and to her race won her a number of awards. She was actively involved in many organizations such as school, community, and cultural associations. Mrs. Garrison was a successful, inspiring, commendable women who played a major role in the history of black people in West Virginia.

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