TECI 3 (Collaboration Room) Training

The Center for Teaching and Learning invites you to register for our Technology Enhanced Classroom Initiative (TECI) workshop. Faculty who are currently teaching in a TECI 3 classroom, are scheduled to teach in a TECI 3 classroom, or are hoping to teach in a TECI 3 classroom can meet the training requirements by completing this workshop.

There are two primary goals informing this workshop. First, we will spend some of our time together learning how to use some of the technologies available in the TECI 3 classrooms. Second, and perhaps more importantly, we will explore pedagogically sound ways to use those technologies. To those ends, please bring a laptop or other device (e.g., iPad, smart phone) with you.

NOTE: If you completed one of the training options last year but would like to attend an upcoming workshop to learn about new technologies in the TECI 3 classrooms, please feel free to register.

Workshop dates for Fall 2017:  TBA


For additional information or questions, contact April Fugett (fugett5@marshall.edu).