April 02, 2013

IMPORTANT: Race start time has been changed to 8:00am and registration begins at 7:00am.  We apologize for any confusion, we were just informed last week that the start time needed to be changed in order to hold the race.  Thanks for your understanding!  Please email us if you have any questions.

March 24, 2013



We are currently looking for sponsors for our inaugural FORUNSICS 5K that will be held on Saturday, May 4th in Downtown Huntington.  The 5K will be forensic/crimes scene themed and we will have raffle prizes, police themed medals for the top finishers, and a mug shot photo booth at the finish line!

Here is our sponsorship packet that has more information about sponsoring our event and a form to fill out if you are interested: DDE_foRUNsics Sponsorship Packet and Form

If you are interested in sponsoring the event or know of anyone/any place that would be interested, please contact Ashleigh Zeile at lucio@marshall.edu or Allison Gapinski at gapinski@marshall.edu.



We are starting up the 5K in order to establish a scholarship fund for the Marshall University Forensic Science Program.  If you are interested in donating to our scholarship fund, you can make a donation here:

Scholarship Fund



If you are interested in registering as a participant for our event, you can do so online or by mail:

To find out more information about the race and register online, visit our page at tristateracer.com

Or you can download the registration form to mail in: FORUNSICS 5K Registration Form


February 26, 2013


Last week we attended the American Academy of Forensic Sciences 65th Anniversary Meeting in Washington, D.C.  Some of our student and professional members were given the opportunity to present their summer research projects through poster and oral presentations.  Here is a list of the projects that were presented:

Professional Presentations

Oral Panel in Toxicology

Dr. Graham Rankin, Scientific Method for Controlled Substance Analog Determination

Poster in Criminalistics

Season Seferyn, “An In-Depth Look: 412 Property Crime Cases from the Low-Country Region of South Carolina”

Poster in Toxicology

Dr. Lauren Waugh, “Deaths Involving the Recreational use of a-PVP”Kelsey Rusbarsky, “A Forensic Comparison of NTFS and FAT32 File Systems”

Student Presentations

Oral Presentation in Criminalistics

Ashleigh Zeile, “Development of a Direct Amplification Method for Exemplar and Pseudo-Exemplar Reference Samples Using Identifiler Plus”

Oral Presentation in Digital & Multimedia Services

Katie Corcoran, “Messaging Application Analysis for Android and iOS Platforms”

Rachel Friedman, “A Digital Forensic Analysis on the iCloud and Its Synchronization to Apple Devices”

Poster in Criminalistics

Sarah Barr, “Validation and Comparison of the AmpFlSTR Identifiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit to Identifiler, MiniFiler, Y Filer for the Pinella County, Florida Forensic Laboratory”

Emilie Dembia, “Validation of the Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer with a Comparison of the Identifiler Plus and PowerPlex 16 HS Amplification Kits”

Allison Gapinski, “Internal Validation of the AmpFlSTR Identifiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit and Comparison to Identifiler for the Boston Police Department Crime Laboratory”

Kathleen Jacque, “Internal Validation of the AmpFlSTR Yfiler Amplification Kit on a Life Technologies 3130 Genetic Analyzer”

Christopher Thatch, “Validation of the Applied Biosystems 3500xL with PowerPlex 16HS”

Jessica Tokarz, “Internal Validation of the PowerPlex Y23 Amplification Kit for Use in Forensic Casework”

Poster in Digital & Multimedia Services

Kelsey Rusbarsky, “A Forensic Comparison of NTFS and FAT32 File Systems”

 If you have any questions or are interested on obtaining an abstract or poster to find out more about a project, please email Jennifer Sulcebarger at sulcebarger@marshall.edu with the project(s) you are interested in.