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roster . photos . fun stuff . dz's only

Fun Stuff

AIM Buddy Icons
Save any of these icons to use them on AIM.





Delta Zeta Songs
If you haven't heard it already, other Delta Zeta's should check out DJ $crilla's Delta Zeta songs. DJ $crilla is a Sig Ep at Kent State University who has made some songs about Greek life, as well as other music. We think he's really talented and have fun playing his song everywhere we go. He also just came out with a Delta Zeta 2005 Remix, so check out both songs.

Desktop backgrounds
These can be saved as your computer background by click on an icon to open a new screen, then saving the full-sized version and indicating "Save as desktop background."


This background includes a phrase taken from our Greek Sing Champion t-shirts after we won four years in a row. It incorporates lyrics from our "greatest hits."


This background shows our pride for our chapter here at Marshall University, which was founded in 1956.


This background shows our house, located just off campus on Sixth Ave.



Another Delta Zeta background,
with our founding year highlighted.


This background higlights our sorority mascot, the turtle. It also has one of our recruitment themes.

Famous Delta Zetas

Joy Behar
: Queens College; Comedienne & TV personality; one of four hosts of "The View" daily TV show with Barbara Walters

Elizabeth Baker Devereau: Ohio State University; retired Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Marshall University School of Medicine; former national president; 1984 Woman of the Year

Florence Henderson: University of California, Los Angeles (Alumna Initiate); Actress; Widely known as Mrs. Brady from "The Brady Bunch"; spokesperson for the hearing impaired

Mercedes Bates: Oregon State; first female corporate officer of General Mills; often referred to as Betty Crocker as she was the vice-president in charge of the Betty Crocker Food & Nutrition Center

roster . photos . fun stuff . dz's only

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