Eligibility: Services are available to all students with disabilities at Marshall University, whether full or part time.  Students are required to provide documentation of their disability to the office before services can be provided.

The Program staff will work with students to individualize the type and level of services to be provided.  The following is a summary of the services available:

Pre-enrollment Assessment: All new students with disabilities are expected to meet with the ODS staff prior to their first enrollment at Marshall.  At this meeting the ODS staff and the student will discuss and begin preparing for academic accommodations, campus accessibility, assess study skills, and determine any other services the student might need.

Notetaking Services: Experience has shown that the best notetakers in a course are other students in the class.  These students understand the “language of the professor,” have taken necessary prerequisites, and are more than motivated to take accurate and complete notes because the notes are also their own.  Usually the student and instructor working together can identify a competent notetaker.  Copy facilities are available through the ODS program.  If a notetaker can not be found in the class, ODS will make every effort to hire a notetaker.

Test Proctoring and Accommodations: Some students with disabilities may need adaptive testing procedures. Time extensions, private locations for testing, oral testing, use of a proctor, or other procedures may be used.  The course instructor has the final determination as to the method of evaluation.  The student should meet with the instructor to agree on a testing procedure.  The ODS program will verify that the student has a disability that justifies test accommodations.  Requests for test proctoring must be made at least one week in advance.

Alternative Format Textbooks: Students are encouraged to utilize digital/ebooks if they need books in alternate formats. They may want to ask at the Bookstore or explore eBooks.com or BookShare.com to acquire required commonly used textbooks. If they are not available the student will want to meet with the office staff to discuss other alternatives.

Tutoring: Tutoring is available to students through the Tutoring Office. Students with disabilities needing more tutoring time need to discuss this need with the ODS Director.

Lab and Library Assistants: As with other services, the need for these assistants is individually determined, and the services are provided as required.

Liaison with Faculty: Upon request, the ODS program staff will contact instructors and discuss with them the student’s appropriate classroom accommodations.

Advising: The ODS staff is available to advise students in areas such as classroom accessibility, residence hall concerns, academic goal setting, and referral to other campus services.  The program has found over the years that situations are best addressed before they become a crisis, so wise students should discuss concerns early. Academic advising concerning courses and requirements for degree completion are not the resposibility of the ODS staff.

Early Registration: Students with disabilities are afforded early registration privileges.  Students with disabilities may present stamped forms to the Registrar or use MILO during a special advance registration period.  We encourage all eligible students to register during this time in order to register for classes that may better fit their diability issues. Students who have been out of classes for one semester or more should contact the ODS Office to make sure they are eligible to register early.

Equipment: The ODS Office has a very limited equipment inventory that is available to loan to students on a semester basis. Equipment currently includes manual wheelchairs, electric motorized scooter, and iPads. A Braille printer, large print screen computers and scanners are available in the Study Center of the Drinko Library. Located in Prichard Hall is a CCTV, software programs – Jaws and Open Book – that will read text to students.