Sociology MA Comprehensive Exams

All students must successfully pass comprehensive exams to demonstrate broad comprehension and synthesis. The comprehensive exam will be scheduled twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring; the dates of the exam will be posted in advance. The exam will be made available on-line at 12 noon on the Friday of the posted date and must be completed by the following Monday no later than 12 noon. The effective dates of comprehensive exams for the 2018-2019 academic year are October 12-15, 2018 (Fall) and February 8-11, 2019 (Spring).

The format of the exam will consist of four (4) questions: a) one (1) drawn from Sociological Theory; b) two (2) drawn from Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods respectively; and c) one (1) drawn from the student’s Focus Area (or Anthropology if the student elects to pursue an Anthropology Area of Emphasis). A list of possible questions that might appear on the exam for a) and b) will be available in advance. The question most pertinent to the student’s Focus Area (c) will not be available until the exam is posted but the student will be permitted to select a specific area of interest in consultation with his/her advisor that will form the basis for the final question.

Students must notify the Graduate Program Director of their intent to take the comprehensive exam at least three weeks prior to its scheduled date. Students who fail the comprehensive exam may re-take the exam upon approval from the Graduate Program Director. No student who fails the comprehensive exam twice will be permitted to continue in the program.

Sociology MA Comprehensive Exam Questions

Fall 2018

SOC Comprehensive Exam – Answer Example


SOC  Comprehensive Exam – Writing Guide and Suggested Readings for Qualitative Section

SOC Comprehensive Exam – Qualitative (Set A)

SOC Comprehensive Exam – Qualitative (Set B)


SOC Comprehensive Exam – Quantitative (Set A)

SOC Comprehensive Exam – Quantitative SUPPL (Set A)


SOC Comprehensive Exam  – Theory (Set A)