2012 Seminar Sessions

Fall 2012 Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminar Session Descriptions

All Day – students who are actively writing their dissertations are encouraged to schedule meeting time with their chairs or committee member(s) prior to October 10th

8:50 – 10:00:


9:00 – 9:45: 

New Student Continental Breakfast/Meet the Faculty in room 116

10:00 – 10:45:

Welcome and awards:  Room 134 and broadcast to rooms 134, 135, 137, 319, and 323;Dr. Teresa Eagle, Dean of GSEPD, welcomes seminar attendees and honors those students who have reached doctoral program mile stones.

Key-note Address

Today’s key-note speaker is Dr. Frances Hensley, recently retired from her position as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Marshall University.  She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Social Studies Education from Marshall University and a Ph.D. in history from Ohio State University. 

Dr. Hensley’s research has focused on women’s issues in the Appalachian region.  Publications include “The Woman’s Rights Movement, 1848 to the Civil War,” and “Women in the Industrial Work Force in West Virginia, 1880-1945.” She also served as an editor of “Missing Chapters II: West Virginia Women in History.” 

Dr. Hensley will share her insights on Millenials in the Classroom: OMG! LOL!
this morning with an address to students and faculty at 10:00.  This address will be broadcast from room 134 to rooms 116, 134, 135, 137, 319, and 323.  A Q&A session will follow during Session 1 (11:00 to 12:00) in room 134. 

This key note will focus on the impact of the Millenials–and their parents– on schools and schooling.  *Who are the Millenials?  *How are they different from us? *What are the implications of these differences on pedagogy and practice?

10:00 – noon:

LS 719, Introduction to Doctoral Studies:  for students admitted from January 2012 through Fall 2012 in the library with Dr. Cunningham, Melissa Rhodes and Kandas Queen

LS 719, Introduction to Doctoral Studies Year Two, Room 116 ; Drs. Eagle & Kolsun, Elbert Davis and Marc Ellison 
**Cohort students will join at 11:00 AM 

11:00 – noon:

Continued Discussion on Millenials in the Classroom: OMG! LOL! Room 134; Drs. Hensley & Campbell, Kay Lawson

Portfolios on Display Room 135; browse a sampling of portfolios, binders, CD’s and websites.  Dr. Spatig and Debbie Lockwood

Post Portfolio Paralysis Room 137; a panel of students who have successfully made (or are working on it) the transition from coursework to dissertation writing will lead a discussion on how to manage this part of your doctoral program.  Practical strategies, what works and what hasn’t worked will be shared.  Dr. Sottile, Mindy Allenger, Jean Chappell, and Joy Cline

Models of Research and Data Collection Room 217; an overview of both qualitative and quantitative models of research as well as details on the types of data collection related to each model of research.  Drs. Debela & Securro, Jenny Santilli

APA Style Thomas Board Room; discuss and work through examples of the types of references encountered in dissertation and report writing.  Questions regarding APA Style and specific references participants would like to work on will be addressed.   Dr. Meisel and Sherri Shafer

iPad Apps Room 319; this session offers information on iPad apps/features that can be used in the educational setting. Dr. Cottle and Beth Wolfe

Noon – 1:00 Lunch with chair (room assignments are on your name tag)

1:00 – 3:00

The Portfolio Process, Preparation and Presentation Room 116; an overview of the portfolio process from beginning to end including brief presentations from students about their individual journeys through the portfolio process. Dr. Skoretz, Ruthann Arneson, Patty Blake, & Frances Pack

Mock Dissertation Defense Room 319; a recent dissertation defense entitled “Teacher Perspectives on Performance Based Student Assessment in Career and Technical Education in West Virginia Public Schools” will be analyzed and discussed by the graduate and chair. Drs. Childress & Tuckwiller

1:00 – 2:00

Conference Preparation Room 134; the conference experience, from how to find a conference you would like to attend/present at, the preparation process to what to expect while participating. Personal experiences from professors and students who have presented will also be shared.  Drs. Watts & Hisiro, Lori Comer, Brent Griffith, Alan Laugh

Portfolios on Display Room 135; browse a sampling of portfolios, binders, CD’s and websites.  Dr. Pauley and David Horst

Plagiarism Room 137; Will your writing pass the Golden Test? –  tips, techniques, and resources to strengthen your writing and avoid plagiarism. Dr. Lassiter, Kelli Johnson and Kay Lawson

MU Online Room 217; guidelines to help navigate and utilize MUOnline covering a variety of topics, including help desk, library, training and services, browsers and browser versions, dummy accounts for instructors and opportunities to co-develop online course for portfolio Dr. Heaton and Georgia Thornton

Educational Trends in Public Schools Thomas Board Room; 2012, WV Superintendent of the Year, Blaine Hess will address future educational trends.  Doctoral students will have an opportunity to interact with him in a small group setting.  Superintendent Hess is a graduate of Marshall University’s Ed Leadership Program.  Blaine Hess and Dr. Kolsun

Student Panel Room 323; a candid Q&A with experienced Doc students (no faculty will be present) designed to answer your questions on what to expect throughout the program.  Jake Bolen, Darrell Brewer, Amy Carlson, Randy King, Shelly Ratliff, and Carla Warren

2:10 – 3:00

­ Me, Mine, Yours & Our I.D.E.N.T.I.T.Y Room 134; this presentation seeks to actively engage participants in the examination of the diverse identities that exist within and among our classrooms, colleagues and society. Mary Clark and Sherri Stepp

Portfolios on Display Room 135; browse a sampling of portfolios, binders, CD’s and websites.  Dr. Harris-John and Lee Ann Hvizhdak

Utilizing Library Resources Room 217; Join us for the level of instruction that you need! We will start with the basic library services and resources offered through Marshall Libraries and then progress to working with specific databases that best match your research needs. Learn how to submit requests for electronic interlibrary loan and how to navigate the Dissertations and Theses full text database. Lynn Edington

Still Hopelessly Confused After LS 719 Room 323; you spent this morning in one of the LS 719 sessions.  You still have some unanswered questions.  This session is designed to assist newer students in navigating the traditional doc program.  Elbert Davis, Marc Ellison, Kandas Queen, Melissa Rhodes, and Edna Thomas