Student Advising

Weisberg Division of Engineering (WDoE) Student Advising

Freshmen and Sophomores have mandatory advising each semester. An advising hold placed on your record will prevent you from registering for classes. You must speak with your faculty advisor before pre-registration to have your advising hold removed. The best time to see an advisor is before the pre-registration rush.

Juniors have mandatory junior degree evaluation the semester they reach your 65+ credit hours. Juniors not meeting with their academic advisor will have a hold placed on their record preventing them from pre-registering for the next semester’s classes.

Seniors have mandatory senior degree evaluation the semester they reach your 96+ credit hours.


Class Status & Milestones

Freshmen Sophomores Juniors
0 – 32 C.H. 33-64 C.H. 65-96 C.H.
BSE-CE* ENGR 111, MTH 230 ENGR 216, MTH 335 CE 322, CE 351
BSBME* ENGR 111, MTH 230 ENGR 216, BSC 228 BME 306, BME 310
BSEE* MTH 220, MTH 230 EE 211, MTH 335 EE 370, EE 380
BSME* ME 111, MTH 230 ENGR 219, MTH 335 ME 350, ME 410

*Courses successfully completed.


Faculty Advisors assist you in:

  • selecting courses that meet your major and career goals as well as keeping you on track for graduation
  • understanding the academic requirements by the WDoE and Marshall University
  • finding resources to help you compose a semester schedule