Jeanne Hubbard
Corbly Hall 459
MA (Marshall University)

   She spent over 35 years being an English major in the world of community banking. She worked in banks in Louisiana, Indiana, West Virginia, Florida, California, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and Washington, DC in such roles as a credit analyst, commercial lender, loan reviewer, Director of Risk Management, analyst of acquisitions and President. In 1996 she completed her thesis on the transition of Elizabeth Inchbald from playwright to novelist and received a MA in English from Marshall University. She is enjoying her new career developing work-place writing skills for business majors and introducing first-year students to the joys of writing well. She has three children who have successfully flown the nest, and lives with her husband John, a chemistry professor, and four adopted four-footed critters: Lucy and Hunter, the cats, Martha, the Golden Retriever and Grady, the Irish Wolfhound.