Jim Riemer
Corbly Hall 451
Ph.D. in English, Bowling Green State University M.A., English, Bowling Green State University B.A., State University College at Brockport, NY

Specialization(s): American Literature and Culture, emphasis on 1830-1945; African American and Ethnic Literatures; Gender Studies and Popular Literature
   My current research focuses on dime novels published from 1890 to 1910. I am writing a critical essay that examines dime novels for their depiction of Russia and Japan and America's relation to those two nations during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) and the period immediately prior to that conflict. I am also working on an examination of the dime novel origins of the modern spy novel. I am the author of From Satire to Subversion: The Fantasies of James Branch Cabell, and my other publications include essays on Harriet Jacobs, Sam Shepard, and gender studies approaches to American literature and science fiction. I have presented numerous conference papers, most recently on African American detective fiction, the fiction of Lisa See and Pauline Hopkins, and strategies for effective online teaching.