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Fekete, Andrea Lynn
Canary in the Dark. English, M.A. Thesis. 2005.
Ferguson II, John Robert
A GIS Approach for the Abandoned Mine Inventory with Haul Roads of the Monongahela National Forest to Provide a Comparative Analysis of USFS/USACE Collection Procedures and Image Basemap Selection for Cartographic Representation. Physical Science, M.S. Thesis. 2002.
Ferrebee, Melissa Lynn
Program Evaluation of Practicum III: Marshall University’s Summer Enrichment Program from a School Psychology Student’s Perspective. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2003.
Fet, Galina N.
Satellite Image Processing for Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Modeling in Kyrgyz Republic National Park. Physical Science, M.S. Thesis. 2006.
Fincham II, Joe Michael
Language and Semogenesis in Philosophy: Realizational Patternings of Ideology in Lexico-grammar realizational Patternings of Ideology in Lexico-grammar. English, M.A. Thesis. 2009.
Finnerty, Mora Lee
Dancing with the Bag Lady. English, M.A. Thesis. 2002.
Fiorentino, Robert
Status of the Small-mouthed Salamander, Ambystoma Texanum (Mathes) in West Virginia. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2002.
Fisher, Diana Elizabeth
Convergence Analysis of MCMC Method in the Study of Genetic Linkage with Missing Data. Mathematics, M.A. Thesis. 2005.
Fitzwater, Chelsie C.
"the Devil Was the First Scab": Working-class Spirituality and Union Organization in Marion County, West Virginia 1918-1927. History, M.A. Thesis. 2011.
Flaherty, Paula W.
Regional Learning Opportunities: A Story of Place-based Learning Among Adults in West Virginia. Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D. Dissertation. 2007.
Foley, Jill Renae
Punishing the Poor: America's Use of the Welfare System as a Means of Controlling the Impoverished. Sociology, M.A. Thesis. 2004.
Ford, Linda Adkins
The Relationship of Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) Oral Reading Fluency and the Terra Nova, 2nd Ed. Performance on Ohio Grade 3 Reading Achievement Assessment. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2008.
Fornaciari, Federica
Digital Hypertexts Vs. Traditional Books: An Inquiry into Non-linearity. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2009.
Frace, Kristen Jessica
Goal Attainment Scaling to Determine Effectiveness of School Psychology Practicum Students. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2009.
Frail Jr, James Hawthorne
Powers and Abilities Far Behind Those of Mortal Men: An Examination of the Comic Book Industry and Subculture Through a Feminist Sociological Perspective. Sociology, M.A. Thesis. 2004.
Fraley, Brandy Bagar
"since Merlin Paid His Demon All the Monstrous Debt": the Celtic in Keats. English, M.A. Thesis. 2006.
Francis, Christopher Ryan
Identification and Analysis of Prohibitin in B16 Mouse Melanoma Cells. Chemistry, M.S. Thesis. 2007.
Fultz, Michael Earl
Actin and Myosin Remodeling in the A7r5 Smooth Muscle Cell. Biomedical Sciences, Ph.D. Dissertation. 2002.

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