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Gadde, Murali Krishna
Effects of Aging on Regulators of Muscle Apoptosis in the Female F344BN Rat. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2009.
Galford, Debora Ann
Grade Retention as Perceived by Principals. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2008.
Gall, Annette Rashid
Faculty Perceptions of the Effects of Student Evaluations of Teaching on Higher Education Instructional Practices and Instructor Morale. Educational Leadership, Ed.D. Dissertation. 2004.
Gatson, Cathy
The Relationship Between Education and Police Stress: Bachelor's Degree Versus High School. Psychology, M.A. Thesis. 2002.
Gcwabaza, Thabo B.
Scanning Probe Microscopy and Oxidation of Silicon at Breakdown Voltages. Chemistry, M.S. Thesis. 2006.
George, Pamela Renee
Utilizing the Theory of Planned Behavior to Explain Suicidal Intent. Psychology, Psy.D. Dissertation. 2008.
Gilmore-Hook, Toni
Teacher Beliefs Regarding Grade Retention in An Urban Elementary School. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2011.
Gingerich, Jennifer Alena
Establishing An Elsewhere in Contemporary American Women's Autobiography. English, M.A. Thesis. 2003.
Gladwell II, Gilbert Wesley
Molecular Systematics of Rhinichthys Bowersi and Its Taxonomic Status. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2002.
Gleichauf, Laura Kelley
The Effects of An After-school Intervention Program on the Reading and Math Proficiency Scores of Sixth Graders. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2005.
Good, Celeste Dawn
Constructed Ponds as Mitigated Habitat for the Wood Frog (Rana Sylvatica Leconte) and the Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma Maculatum Shaw) in West Virginia. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2006.
Goodman, Aaron Michael
Geopolitical Analysis of Terror in Selected U.S. Media Sources. Geography, M.A. Thesis. 2005.
Goodrich, Gwendolyn Lea
Identity Theft Awareness in North Central West Virginia. Criminal Justice, M.A. Thesis. 2003.
Gooley, Aaron Clinton
Testing the Behavioral Responses of West Virginia Turtles to Roads and Vehicles. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2010.
Gould, Mary Kathryn
Perceptions of Preceptor Training in the Dietetic Supervised Practice Experience. Educational Leadership, Ed.D. Dissertation. 2007.
Grady, Jessica
Power, Courtly Love, and a Lack of Heirs: Guinevere and Medieval Queens. History, M.A. Thesis. 2009.
Graham, Matthew Ryan
Distribution and Conservation Genetics of the Cow Knob Salamander, Plethodon Punctatus Highton (Caudata: Plethodontidae). Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2007.
Graham, Sabrina Lynn
Effective Reading Instruction in a Response to Intervention Program Evaluation. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2007.
Gravely, Marie R.
West Virginia Registered Dietitians' Knowledge and Attitudes of Diabetes Care. Family and Consumer Sciences, M.A. Thesis. 2002.
Gray, Elizabeth Ramsey
Effect of Researched-based Information on Principals' Actions Regarding Retention. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2010.
Green, Megan Lindsay
Conceptualizing Depression: the Role of Attachment and Related Issues. Psychology, Psy.D. Dissertation. 2007.
Green, Sharletta Michelle
Final Frontier: the Methodist Church Involvement with the Recolonization of Blacks to Liberia. Sociology, M.A. Thesis. 2003.
Grimmett, Paul E.
Antimicrobial and Spermicidal Activity of Hydrogen Peroxide and Nonoxynol-9 Based Gel Preparations. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2004.
Grynwald, Ana Kristina Blanco
Smoking Cessation Education Needs as Reported by Current Smokers, Former Smokers, and Nurses. Nursing, M.S.N. Thesis. 2004.
Gunduz, Esin
"BOZ" for Jazz Orchestra and Vocal. Music, M.A. Thesis. 2009.
Gutta, Anil Kumar
Impaired Overload-induced Hypertrophy in Obese Zucker Rat Slow-twitch Skeletal Muscle skeletal Muscle. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2008.

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