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Note: Authors may restrict access to their ETDs to Marshall University only or entirely. Such restrictions are temporary and will usually be lifted after two years.

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Yamauchi, Kayoko
Assessment of Adult ESL Learners' Preferable Learning Styles: Implications for An Effective Language Learning Environment. Adult and Technical Education, M.S. Thesis. 2008.
Yoke, Holly Elaine
Staff Attitude Change as a Result of Response to Intervention Implementation in West Virginia Schools. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2007.
Yokochi, Elli Lei
Comparisons of Intracellular Signaling with High Force Muscle Contraction in Lean and Diabetic Soleus and Plantaris Muscles. Exercise Science, M.S. Thesis. 2006.
York, Jennifer Lynn
Comparison of the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT) and the Wechsler Scale for Children (WISC-IV) with Referred Students. School Psychology, Ed.S. Thesis. 2005.
York, Shizue
A Comparison of Early Childhood Education Systems in Japan and the United States. Family and Consumer Sciences, M.A. Thesis. 2004.
Young, Debra Hunt
Dropping Out: A Cross-case Exploration of Why Students in One West Virginia County Choose to Leave School. Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D. Dissertation. 2010.
Young, John Byron
Deathly Erichtho as Vital to Lucan's Bellum Ciuil. Latin, M.A. Thesis. 2011.
Young, Virginia Caroline
A Heart of Glass: Women, Work Culture, and Resistance in Huntington, West Virginia's Glass Industry. History, M.A. Thesis. 2007.
Yuan, Lin
Analysis of Listing Price Option on Ebay Market. Mathematics, M.A. Thesis. 2008.

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