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Note: Authors may restrict access to their ETDs to Marshall University only or entirely. Such restrictions are temporary and will usually be lifted after two years.

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Zdrojewski, Margie Lee
Resilience in Central Appalachian Adolescents: Using a Culturally Sensitive Methodology to Investigate Positive Developmental Outcomes. Psychology, Psy.D. Dissertation. 2008.
Zhang, Fan
DNA Directed Assembly of Two Dimensional Fluorophore Nanoarrays. Chemistry, M.S. Thesis. 2004.
Zheng, Xuehai
Role of Stem Cell Protein PIWIL4 in the Tumorigenesis of Human Pancreatic Cancer. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2008.
Zhu, He
Plastron Reduction and Associated Myology in Turtles, and Its Implications for Functional Morphology and Natural History. Biological Sciences, M.S. Thesis. 2011.
Zimmerman, Ericka Point
Risk Management Practices of Collegiate Athletic Trainers: An Examination of Policies and Procedures. Educational Leadership, Ed.D. Dissertation. 2007.

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