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Document Type:   Thesis
Title:   Synergistic Interactions of Chlorambucil, DHA, and Trail in Jurkat and H460 Human Cancer Cells
Author:   Jennifer Ellen Bush
College:   Science
Degree Program:   Biological Sciences, M.S.
Degree:   Master of Science
Committee Director:   Laura J. Jenski
Document Availability:   Document available for World-Wide access.
Date of Defense:   08/01/2003

Immunotherapy and w-3 fatty acids like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are alternate cancer treatments that offer a reduction in toxicity. The cytokine TRAIL (tumor-necrosis factor-related apoptosis inducing ligand) can target cancer cells while sparing normal tissue. This study evaluated these agents individually and in combination with the alkylating agent chlorambucil (CLB) to determine their ability to produce cell death synergistically in human cell lines Jurkat and H460. Dose response curves were created by treating each cell line with each agent and analyzed by XTT cell proliferation assay. Sublethal combinations of each were combined to determine nature of interactions. Selected combinations were examined by flow cytometry with Annexin V-FITC, which stains exclusively apoptotic cells. XTT analysis showed DHA with CLB, and CLB with TRAIL, to result in synergy in both cell lines. TRAIL and DHA was sub-additive in many combinations. The combination of all three agents was synergistic in both cell lines. 

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