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Document Type:   Dissertation
Title:   Resilience in Central Appalachian Adolescents: Using a Culturally Sensitive Methodology to Investigate Positive Developmental Outcomes
Author:   Margie Lee Zdrojewski
College:   Liberal Arts
Degree Program:   Psychology, Psy.D.
Degree:   Doctor of Psychology
Committee Director:   Dr. Marianna Linz
Document Availability:   Document available for World-Wide access.
Date of Defense:   4/21/2008

A recent trend in the resilience literature emphasizes consideration of cultural context in resilience studies. Yet, few studies have used culturally relevant outcome measures. The current study used a qualitative methodology, consisting of twenty-six semi-structured interviews with adolescents in rural Central Appalachia, to explore their conceptions of successful outcomes for peers and adults in their communities. Additionally, this study sought to explore any common community risk and protective factors that were described by the participants. Themes identified in descriptions of successful peers and adults included prosocial orientation and conscientiousness. These themes are related to community factors and lend support to the idea that consideration of cultural context is important for outcome measures in resilience studies. Internal factors, including hard work, were noted in descriptions of both successful adults and adolescents. External factors, such as family support, were mentioned as a source of help for successful adolescents. Those who were not doing well are viewed negatively by participants and internal factors, such as a lack of effort, were cited as reasons why some people dont succeed. Implications for future research are explored.  

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