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Document Type:   Thesis
Title:   Grant Writing Handbook for Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Author:   Tracy Severson
College:   Liberal Arts
Degree Program:   English, M.A.
Degree:   Master of Arts
Committee Director:   Roxanne Kirkwood
Document Availability:   Document available for World-Wide access.
Date of Defense:   05/01/2009

This manual is an applied thesis written for Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, a small Catholic school located in Huntington, West Virginia. Its purpose is to introduce novice grant writers to the terms and processes associated with grant writing for this particular parochial school. The manual guides the fledgling writer through church and school history, ideas and strategies to develop the grant, grant writing and the post-submission process. Only examples from submitted church grants are referenced and all address Our Lady of Fatima needs and mission statement. The handbook is intended as a springboard for grant writing in the fledgling Development Committee, the fundraising arm of the church. As the writers and fundraisers become more sophisticated and experienced, the manual is expected to expand and change reflecting growth and maturity. The Grant Writing Handbook for Our Lady of Fatima is a living document which will adapt to its users?needs. 

Download Document:   severson-tracy-2009-ma.pdf