Dr. Marty Amerikaner Marshall University
Work Phone: (304) 696-2783

Expertise:  Psychological counseling, psychotherapy, clinical supervision in psychology, ethical issues in psychology

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Dr. Lisa Burton Marshall University
Work Phone: (304) 696-2912 Home Phone: (304) 389-2559

Expertise:  School Counseling Programs, Bullying Prevention, Positive Behavior Support Preventative Programs, Child Abuse and Neglect, Character Education, Ethics in the Workplace, Qualitative Evaluation related to character education, School Climate and School Culture, Conflict Resolution and Death and Grief Issues related to Schools

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Dr. Paige Muellerleile Marshall University
Work Phone: (304) 696-2771

Expertise:  Interpersonal violence, particularly violence against women. Health behavior. Meta-analysis.

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Dr. Pamela L. Mulder Marshall University
Work Phone: (304) 696-2770 Home Phone: (304) 521-7642

Expertise:  Rural populations in US, mental health of rural people in US, rural and community psychology, training of psychologists for rural practice

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W. Joseph Wyatt Ph.D. Marshall University
Work Phone: 304-696-2778

Dr. Wyatt is an expert in several areas including forensic psychology (he is board certified); assessment of child sexual abuse; tand actics of the pharmaceutical industry and of organized psychiatry as they work together to promote the biological causation theory of mental disorders and medications as the first line of treatment.

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