Areas of Emphasis

The Forensic Science Program offers four areas of emphasis that students may complete to enhance the core curriculum.  The student is required to complete at least one area of emphasis but may complete up to four within the 5 semester course of study.  Completing multiple areas of emphasis is contingent on maintaining good academic standing while enrolled in the program.  Students may choose from the following four areas of emphasis:

Crime Scene Investigation Crime Scene Investigation
Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics
DNA Analysis DNA Analysis
Forensic Chemistry Forensic Chemistry

Multiple Areas of Emphasis

Forensic Science students are required to complete one area of emphasis; however, up to four areas of emphasis may be completed. When completing multiple areas of emphasis, the four- hour core course elective requirement is waived.

The Program Advisor approves a student’s eligibility to pursue multiple areas of emphasis based on the following criteria, the student must:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Demonstrate overall good academic standing, i.e., no current probationary status, not more than two C’s, and no grades of less than C in required courses
  • Be approved by the Graduate College Dean to exceed 15 credit hours per term, if applicable
  • Be approved by the Financial Aid Office to exceed the 54 credit hour limit, if applicable